Where To Find Money For College

Recently, we covered general information about scholarships. Now we’ll talk about where to look for them.

Never pay an agency to search for scholarships for you! Your own diligence will reward you with more than enough material that won’t cut into your profits.

1) FIRST source of scholarships is the colleges you’re going to apply to. When you make your due-diligence visit, go to the Financial Aid Office. Make an appointment, if you can, so that you will meet with a professional rather than the work-study student manning the counter.

Ask if this college has a policy of meeting full need without loans. That will open a discussion of their aid package and merit aid options.
Next, ask about specific scholarships that you might fit. Many families leave money to a college for an incoming student that is similar to a family member who attended. Are you a left-handed violinist? Micro-economics major from Scranton? Have grandparents from Lithuania? These scholarships go begging because the FA office doesn’t have the resources to comb through the admitted students to find a match.

Many colleges have discounts for the children of educators or veterans or police officers; its good for you if your parent is one of these!

2) Second Review all the employers your parents and grandparents have worked for; make a list of organizations members of your family belong to; add any that you or they could join that offer scholarships to members. Look for civil, social and professional group memberships.

3) Third Look at companies with whom you do business. Many corporations mention scholarships in their advertising, in on-line profiles or on their websites. Check brands you use or are familiar with. You’ll be amazed! You don’t need to be an athlete to be eligible for a local team’s scholarships.

4) Fourth Use apps and online resources. You might want to create a dedicated email address to use when signing up online. You can use this address for joining college blogs or reaching out to admissions offices. Keep the address professional.

scholly app for android and iphone for $.99
scholarshipadvisor app ( from Washington Post)
tuitionrewards.com (Sage Scholars)
finaid.org or fastweb.org (Marc Kantrowitz)
Scholarship Owl,
Scholarships 360,
Scholarship Points.
Big Future/College Board
You will find that most scholarships are good for 4 years so long as you remain in school with a minimum GPA. However, some are for one year require you to go through the application process from the beginning for each additional year.

Good luck with your search!

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