Our Packages

College Prep is our  In-Depth and Comprehensive Program.

College Prep is the most effective program for sophomores, juniors and seniors who have high goals and dreams to achieve. You will access the guidance, insight, and inspiration necessary to get you where you want to go. This program includes in-person, Zoom, phone and e-mail collaborative consultation.

The elements of College Prep are designed to begin with ideas about where to go to college and end with choosing among acceptances.

The List: You will begin with defining what you are looking for in a college experience then develop a personalized list of best-fit colleges that will be academically challenging, socially comfortable, and financially manageable. You will choose Foundation, Target, and Reach campuses where you can thrive.

The Application: Each section of your applications will be examined to find the best responses to showcase your strengths. Essays are the most valuable real estate; you will brainstorm responses to prompts to find the one that will make you stand out. With guidance, you will write essays that reveal how your unique qualities make you a perfect fit, essays that can turn a “maybe” into a “Welcome!” When needed, I’ll help you craft a resume or curate materials to send with your application.

The Interview: In a time when direct contact between students and admission offices is limited, more colleges are offering interviews. You will learn how to answer the most-often-asked questions as well as preparing a list of your own to ask the interviewer. Interviewing is an important skill that you will use next when you apply for internships or summer jobs.

College Success: College is a tool, not a destination. I want you to be able to gain the greatest advantage of your education. You’ll take time to investigate majors at each college and their relationship to jobs and careers. Majors with the same name like Pre-Med or Marketing may have different requirements or offer different courses at each college.

As part of your preparation for writing “Why here?” supplemental essays, you’ll explore the college resources that will help you reach your ultimate goals.

Support: From our first conversation to packing your bags, I am here for you. I will answer your questions, provide insight based on experience with campuses, help you shine. When you’re ready to compare offers from colleges, I’ll help you sort out the financial aid and other advantages of each one. I also stay in touch with many of my students through college. I am still here when my students have resume queries or “what should I do now? ” questions.

Bonuses: Here are 4 “extras” included in the College Prep Program.

College Visits, Virtual or In Person: See how to make the most of your time and where to uncover great information. You will learn the basics of networking with admissions offices.

Testing: Learn which tests you will need and when to take them based on the colleges on your list. For Test Optional colleges, where should you submit scores?

Application Timing: What are the pros and cons of Early Decision, and other protocols. Which will give your application a boost?

Financial Aid: Learn where to apply to maximize your access to merit aid. Get ready to file the FAFSA and CSS. Find scholarship opportunities, and more.

College Advantage is our a la Carte Program.

College Advantage is designed to give students a competitive edge. This program offers focused strategic help for students who will complete a portion of the application process on their own. Choose from the a la carte elements below to create your own course.

College Visit Planning for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
This session prepares the student for making the most of college visits during the look-see phase or when you have the preliminary college list in hand.

Consultation includes detailed guidelines that cover when to visit, what to look for and a time-tested, 12-point checklist. Students are provided handy college visit evaluation forms to aid in comparing choices.

Interview Prep
An interview puts a face to an application and gives a student the opportunity to meet the admissions counselor who makes the ultimate decision. Make sure your student puts his or her best foot forward when it comes time for the all-important interview.

This interactive session gives students a chance to review and practice answering standard interview questions, as well as to tackle specific questions about their high school career.  After a mock interview, students receive valuable constructive feedback. Ideal for scholarship, internship and job interviews as well!

Effective Essay Writing   
Admissions counselors read 1000 or more application essays each year. How do you stand out from the crowd and still reflect your true self?  What about scholarship essays?
Content is as important as presentation. During collaborative sessions, we carefully consider the essay prompts and brainstorm topics to identify those that illustrate the student’s unique experiences. After the initial meeting, students submit essays electronically for editing and proofreading. Students end up with polished, proofed final drafts.

Gap Year/Post-Grad Year Planning
Some very selective colleges and universities now recommend that students take a year off between high school and college to pursue a passion or career interest. Other high school grads may need an extra year to mature socially and/or academically. Together we investigate needs and goals to find specific, well-suited gap year experiences such as community service, travel, internships or academic programs that enrich learning.

Choosing a Major, Exploring a Career   
Only 30% of college students pursue the same major from freshman year until graduation. Informal assessments and career-focused discovery target areas of study and potential careers.  Emerging fields are presented.
Each year there are more enrichment programs relating to passions and career interests. You will gain access to our list of in-person and online offerings from AI to Zoo Management.

Alternatives to 4-Year Colleges
What if you’re not ready to commit to four more years of sitting at a desk? You might be wondering if you can get a job with something less than a bachelor’s degree. Your timing is impeccable! Certifications are becoming highly desirable. Many people with degrees are returning to earn certificates that show their competencies. If you are interested in technical training there are a variety of ways to become skilled, some with no up-front costs. If you’re ready, let’s explore your options!

Career Testing
It pays to pursue your passion, but what if you haven’t discovered it? Explore a variety of careers through testing designed to help you target fields most likely to stimulate your interest and enable you to excel.
• Formal Personality Surveys
• Informal paper and online Inventories

We can meet via Zoom, phone, email. Connect with Access College & Career Consultants to get started on your college or career path!