Early Start College Planning

It’s Not Too Early To Begin the Plan

The Future Is Right Here!

Start planning in 8th grade to help build a balanced portfolio of rich experiences and strong academics that lays the groundwork for college and career success.

For 8th Graders, Freshmen & Sophomores

A stellar high school resume starts unfolding in the freshman year and continues through senior year.

High school is a time for exploration and laying the foundation for life-long achievement. A simple, focused one-hour counseling session prior to 9th-grade course selection enables us to consider a student’s academic strengths, interests and goals and to recommend the best path.
Over the next 3 years, at semi-annual conferences, we investigate summer activities, sports, enrichment experiences, or student jobs that awaken or enhance his/her curiosity. We review course selection to ensure that pre-requisites for post-commencement goals will be met.

You may start this program at any point, 8th -10th grade. Early Start includes in-person, Zoom, phone, and e-mail collaborative consultation.

Let’s Get Started

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How We Work

We offer focused planning for strategic advantage. Choose Early Start, College Prep programs or create your own package from the College Advantage a la carte options. Services that are billed hourly can be purchased in discounted bundles of 5- or 10-hours. Working via Zoom, phone, and email our college prep services highlight effective essay writing, interview preparation and more.