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Opening Doors to the Position You Seek

Looking for your first job or your next career move?

Let me help you get a job you will love! Working with a career professional can reduce tension with a step by step plan. You will become confident and be better prepared than your competition.

Choose Zoom, in-person, phone or email follow up and support.

NEW! Your Career Connection: Quick-Start Your Job Search With This Vigorous Program

You will learn to:
• Make connections with employers
• Create your self-marketing documents
• Ace interviews
• Evaluate companies and offers

This program is ideal for recent graduates, those who have been down-sized, and anyone who needs a job now.

Job Search Skill Development

You will learn:
• Where to look for a job
• How to make the most of social media and networking
• To read between the lines of a job posting
• How to create a position by finding an unfulfilled need
• To create and maintain human resources contacts

Resume Building

You will learn to:
• Identify transferable skills in work, volunteer and leisure activities
• Tailor your background to employers’ needs
• Spotlight your strengths
• Create resumes for different purposes
• Apply the mechanics of attention-getting resumes and cover letters

Revise a Current Resume and Cover Letter

You will learn how to:
• Target the job
• Highlight transferable skills
• Address employment gaps and other difficulties

Interview Preparation

You will:
• Identify the employer’s goals and needs
• Choose your best qualities and experience to emphasize
• Practice answering objective and behavioral questions
• Rehearse answers to questions about difficult issues
• Learn when and how to ask for feedback

Plan for Success: Upgrade Your Job or Pivot Your Career

Sessions vary with what you most need to know! Some possibilities:

How to prep for your annual review
Steps to take to grow the job you have
What to do when you’re ready for a new direction
Advantages to highlight in a long career

How We Work

I offer focused planning for strategic advantage.

Choose from a la carte options to create your own package of services at our hourly rate or choose a discounted bundle of five or ten hours of assistance. We can collaborate via Zoom, phone, and email.

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How We Work

We offer focused planning for strategic advantage. Choose from a la carte options to create your own package of services at our hourly rate. Working via Zoom, phone, and email, our College Wise services include Career Connection: Quick-Start, Job Search Skill Development, Resume and Cover Letter Building, and Interview Preparation. We offer discounted bundles of 5-hours or 10-hours of assistance.