How I Work

My ideal clients are those who are committed to working hard toward achieving their goals, whether they are headed to college or taking their next step in their career. I help them clarify what they need to do at each step of the way, including what expectations the admissions office or underlying requirements an employer may have.

For college planning, the College Prep comprehensive package is all-inclusive and not time-limited. This package gives students and families the opportunity to take the time they need to address all components of college admission without accruing additional charges.

Those who only want help with particular aspects of post-secondary planning and application preparation may choose from the menu of a la carte services.

If you are looking for a job now, Your Career Connection is optimal for quick-starting your job acquisition over a period of 4-6 weeks. If you want help with specific aspects of career development you will find what you need among the choices of strategic, targeted services on our Career Planning page.

Most clients prefer to work remotely either via Zoom or phone conference. Some of our work is easily accomplished via email. When possible, in-person consultation is available. You do not need your own Zoom account in order to work remotely.


We can meet via Zoom, phone, email. Connect with Access College & Career Consultants to get started on your college or career path!