College Visits During COVID-19

Image of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Oh, no! Colleges are closing!

Under other circumstances, you would be executing planned college visits over the next few weeks and are finding that admissions offices are canceling tours and info sessions as their campus closes down.

There are some things that you can do now to learn about the colleges on your list.

College Websites

Take a deep look at the college website: It tells the story of the college. When and why was this institution founded? What do they value? Look up your potential major to see what is required to graduate. Look at the required courses to see how interesting they seem. Will you be able to take advantage of study abroad and internships? Check out a few other subjects you might be curious about.

Take A Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the campus that you find on the college website. It’s not the same thing as being there but you can see the layout and buildings. Usually, the tour is led by admissions office ambassadors (tour guides) and is similar to the tour you would take in person. If you like what you see, ask the admissions office to put you in touch with an ambassador or student similar to you, maybe from your high school or studying your major.

Campus Spotlight, reviews some schools. Check out, too.

Access campus tours through Campus Reel. This site offers tours of many campuses in 15,000 videos. The quality varies as does the information. An annoyance is that you must click the speaker icon at the bottom of each video as it loads so that you can hear the audio.

Connect With Colleges
While campus is closed down, most admissions offices are up and running. Make a list of questions you can’t find answers for on the website and call your admissions rep. You will likely be able to have a conversation with him or her. Not only do you get answers but you are showing interest in that college. Some schools track Demonstrated Interest for consideration when processing your application.

Connect with college social media. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube are good access points. If there is an online campus newspaper you will be able to see a back issue or more; the campus radio station might still be operating. From either, you can learn what is popular, what students care about.

Even though you can’t meet with anyone or take a guided tour, it’s still possible to drive through or walk around a school that you’d like to know more about. Take time to visit the area surrounding the campus to find the local Thai restaurant, hair salon, movie theater, or Target. If you move here you’ll spend time eating, shopping, and socializing in the neighborhood.

Let me know what you find out!

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