Career Wise Planning and Preparation

Most of us approach job and career searches with anxiety: Am I prepared with the right education?  Will my college major be a help or a handicap? Do I have enough experience? How do I package my talents to my best advantage? What do I say in an interview that will impress? Will I make the right choice?  Our consultants reduce tension with a step-by-step process that opens doors and helps you secure the position you seek.  With our assistance you will feel more confident and be better prepared than your competition.  We offer in-person, phone or email follow up and support.

Free 30-minute Strategy Consultation  In this consultation you will clarify your career goals and the building blocks to achieving them.  You will uncover the number one difficulty that may keep you from your ideal job and the powerful actions you can take to overcome challenges.  You will leave the consultation with renewed confidence from knowing exactly what to do next to attain the job you want most.

Job Search Skill Development 

You will learn
  • Where to look for a job
  • How to make the most of social media and networking
  • To read between the lines of a job posting
  • How to create a position by finding an unfulfilled need
  • To create and maintain human resources contacts

Thanks for suggesting informational interviews to help me decide what to do next.  I've talked to lots of great people and have a few new ideas.  You're the best! ~ Carole

Resume Building 

You will learn to
  • Identify transferable skills in work, volunteer and leisure activities
  • Tailor your background to employers’ needs
  • Fill gaps in your employment record
  • Apply the mechanics of attention-getting resumes and cover letters

Before I talked to you, Stephanie, I had no idea of what a resume should look like.  Thanks for convincing me not to create a generic document that would go in the circular file. ~ Mark

Revise a Current Resume and Cover Letter

You will learn how to
  • Target the job
  • Highlight transferable skills
  • Address employment gaps and other difficulties

Interview Preparation 

You will
  • Identify the employer’s goals and needs
  • Choose your best qualities and experience to emphasize
  • Practice answering objective and behavioral questions
  • Rehearse answers to questions about difficult issues
  • Learn when and how to ask for feedback
My interview with HR and (the supervisor) went just as you predicted. We practiced answers to most of the questions and I felt relaxed. ~ Jon

Do What You Love and The Money Will Come 

Now may be the perfect time to explore consulting or self-employment.
This package will help you:
  • Identify opportunities
  • Assess the viability of your venture
  • Get started on a business plan
  • Decide if you need investors

Determining New Directions 

Where will your dreams take you?
When you are ready to consider a new path to success we will collaboratively

  • Assess long term goals, values, plans and desires
  • Employ formal and informal assessment tools to guide exploration
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