26 Questions To Ask When You Visit Colleges

Questions To Ask On Your College Visits

Questions That Matter When You Visit Colleges

When you visit a college campus you have two opportunities to ask questions. In the Information Session, which is conducted by an admission counselor or VP of Enrollment, you can get important information about the college that may not be on the college website or may be unclear.

Start by looking over the college website and making a list of questions that aren’t covered adequately. Here are a few that might help you make decisions later.

1. Is it difficult to transfer from one major to another if you decide to pursue nursing, engineering, education, business or other popular majors?
2. Do you meet 100% of the difference between the Expected Family Contribution and the cost of attendance in your financial aid packages?
3. Do you include loans in your financial aid packages?
Are most internships paid? Can business students get paid internships abroad?
4. What are your policies about alcohol in dorms, Greek houses and events?
5. What is your policy regarding firearms on campus?

Another source of information is the tour guide who can tell you about the campus culture. Some good things to ask about are:

1. What did you do last weekend?
2. Do most students stay on campus on weekends?
3. How many hours do you study most days/weeks? Where do you like to study?
4. Who are the influential groups on campus?
5. Where is most of the social life? When do students go out and where?
6. Are class materials posted online? Do You buy books or how do you get them? How much do you spend per semester ?
7. Who is your favorite professor? Favorite class?
8. What is the quirkiest class on campus?
9. How much spending money do you think a student should have each semester?
10. How did you meet your campus BFFs? Where are they from?

While you’re touring read the bulletin boards and office doors in academic buildings.

Here you will find out about research and travel opportunities and learn more about your professors. If you find a prof in her office, knock politely on the door, introduce yourself and ask if she has time to answer a few questions.

1. Make this a conversation. Explain your interest and how they developed-make a connection.
2. What do you teach? Do you teach first year students?
3. Can I contact you later if I decide to apply here to find out more about ___________
4. Other pieces of information you might want to know now:
5. How large are your classes?
6. Do you do research and do you have students who help with that?
How much math or reading is required by courses in your classes?

College visits are a way for high school students to see if they like a college enough to spend 4 or more years living, studying and working there.

Gather as much information as you need to develop a gut feeling about the place. Gut feeling plays a significant role in more than 75% of where students decide to apply and where they ultimately choose to attend. Trust yours!

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