Our Mission and Philosophy

The consultants at Access College and Career Consultants believe that each client brings a unique combination of personality, talents, experiences and skills that should be nurtured by personalized attention.  Strategic, focused planning creates the foundation for life-long achievement.

College Bound

Our experts guide high school students in the quest for admission to universities where they can blossom academically and thrive socially.  In addition to post secondary education counseling, we offer planning for gap year and summer experiences that explore the student’s interests and build a strong resume.  (Learn More)

Career Wise

To our clients in job transition we bring a concentrated and tactical approach, whether they are looking for their first job, changing positions or re-entering the work force.  Career Wise clients receive coaching in job search, networking, resume writing, and interviewing skills.  We also offer assessment of career interests and career-life style connections using The Birmkan Method, MBTI and informal surveys. (Learn More)

The Team

It is well documented that a team is more effective than the same individuals working alone.  Here are 8 good reasons to add Access College and Career Consultants to your team.
  • Our experts make complex processes more understandable and more productive
  • We work for you: not a high school, college, headhunter or employer
  • We clarify objectives and requirements of admissions offices and employers
  • Your priorities guide individualized practice
  • You will receive personalized services aimed at raising self awareness and increasing confidence
  • Our consultants reduce anxiety by creating a focus and timeline by which to measure progress
  • Testing, where appropriate, can be guided by our consultants
  • It is our goal to help you effectively tell your story on applications, resumes and in interviews.

Stephanie Welder - MS, National Certified Counselor; founder of Access College and Career Consultants, LLC and principal consultant, shares expert knowledge, professional resources and caring support with those who are ready to access their future.
The team can be augmented by the expertise of our:

  • Financial planner 
  • ACT/SAT prep tutors
  • Academic tutors  
  • Career interest evaluators
  • Experienced financial aid and admissions officer
  • Experienced, effective career developer/placement counselor
  • Workshops, small group presentations

Stephanie Welder leads workshops, Lunch and Learn at businesses and conducts small group presentations in private homes and public settings.  Use our contact form for up-to-date information.
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